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Color Coated is a glass that is technically coated with special colors that will stay durable indefinitely. There are more than 2,000 color shades to be chosen. The color coating can be applied to all types of glasses—ordinary float glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, or design glass.


Advantages of Using Colorkote
- It offers a variety of more than 2,000 color shades enabling more choices in design. The colors range from soft, pastel to bold and bolder colors with sparkle or metallic look.
- Color coating does not affect the main property of the glass used to coat.
- Under normal situation of application the color on colorkote Glass will not peal or fall off. It is also easily cleansed or maintained.


Product specifications
- thickness: 3 - 19 mm. (clear, tinted, reflective, low-e, satin, pattern, slump)
- size: from 100 X 100 mm. up to 1500 X 3600 mm.

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